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22 Aug 2018: Combat against devastating effects of tobacco can only be won ‘if the UN stands united’ – UN health official

19 Aug 2018: Professionals co-opted to back tobacco giants

14 Aug 2018: Here Are The Leaders Of STOP: Bloomberg’s $20 Million Tobacco Watchdog

14 Aug 2018: Bloomberg targets Big Tobacco’s ‘underhanded tactics’

25 Jun 2018: The children working the tobacco fields: ‘I wanted to be a nurse’

19 Jul 2018: World’s biggest tobacco firm under fire over ‘disgraceful’ PR stunt

18 Jul 2018: Government orders Phillip Morris to stop advertising “healthier” tobacco products or face legal action

01 Jul 2018: WTO Tobacco Ruling Opens Door to New Plain-Packaging Laws

28 Jun 2018: The Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products is live!

07 Jun 2018: Cabo Verde had released a brochure on civil servants’ responsibilities under Article 5.3

23 May 2017: Danish Institute of Human Rights tells PMI: “Stop production & marketing of tobacco

19 May 2017: ITIC cuts ties with Big Tobacco

11 May 2017: Philippines is the first Asian country to require its foreign missions to apply FCTC Article 5.3

08 March 2017: Convention Secretariat to join ILO in an initiative to combat child labour in tobacco farms

06 Nov 2016: Every tobacco death is an avoidable tragedy. The epidemic must stop here: Margaret Chan

27 Oct 2016: Exclusive: India’s tobacco industry, government face off ahead of WHO conference

03 November 2016: Exclusive – Tobacco treaty leaders propose barring delegates linked to state firms