Voice of Truth (2008)

I. Introduction The following regional report, “Voice of Truth”, presents for the first time compelling evidence that the unethical behaviour of the tobacco industry in the Middle East has been extended to all levels: international, regional and national. Through their regional offices, the tobacco companies have used all possible routes to stop governments from adopting […]

The Tobacco Industry Documents: What They Are, What They Sell Us, and How to Search Them (2004)

A SUMMARY OF THIS MANUAL AND SUGGESTIONS FOR ITS USE This is a manual about the tobacco industry documents released by US-based tobacco companies as a result of lawsuits fi led against them in the USA. It may be used by persons with many interests: those simply wanting to know more about the subject those […]

Behind the Scenes: The Inherent Contradiction Behind Big Tobacco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (2004)

Can the tobacco industry be trusted? Can its money play a useful role in funding programmes meant to prevent youth smoking, or advance scientific research? Under the guise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the major multinational tobacco companies have recently embarked on a vigorous attempt to redefine themselves as responsible corporate citizens. They have been […]

Tobacco Industry and Corporate Responsibility… An Inherent Contradiction (2004)

This document has been developed by WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative, Pursuant to WHA Resolution 54.18, Transparency in Tobacco Control Process, that “calls on WHO to continue to inform member states on activities of the tobacco industry that have negative impact on tobacco control efforts.” Read more: World Health Organization

Tobacco Industry Strategies to Undermine Tobacco Control Activities at the World Health Organization (2000)

Evidence from tobacco industry documents reveals that tobacco companies have operated for many years with the deliberate purpose of subverting the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) to control tobacco use. The attempted subversion has been elaborate, well financed, sophisticated, and usually invisible. Read more: World Health Organization