How Much Does it Cost to Receive Donations from the Tobacco Industry? Art. 5.3 of the WHO FCTC – The Protection of Public Tobacco Control Policies (2018)

Introduction Selling cigarettes and other tobacco products is the purpose of tobacco companies and, like any company, its biggest goal is to increase profits and expand its market share. However, in the twentieth century alone, consumption of tobacco products has killed 100 million people worldwide, which brings a great differential to this business. Read more: […]

Hijacking ‘Sustainability’ from the SDGs: Review of Tobacco-Related CSR Activities in the ASEAN Region (2017)

Introduction As the ASEAN region becomes more aware of the deadly effects of tobacco and governments step up regulation of the industry, tobacco companies are resorting to more below-the-line tactics to promote their corporate name and products to reach consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities have become one of the key strategies exploited by the […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Access to Policy Élites: An Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents (2011)

Authors: Gary J. Fooks et al. Abstract Background: Recent attempts by large tobacco companies to represent themselves as socially responsible have been widely dismissed as image management. Existing research supports such claims by pointing to the failings and misleading nature of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. However, few studies have focused in depth on what […]

Behind the Scenes: The Inherent Contradiction Behind Big Tobacco’s Corporate Social Responsibility (2004)

Can the tobacco industry be trusted? Can its money play a useful role in funding programmes meant to prevent youth smoking, or advance scientific research? Under the guise of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the major multinational tobacco companies have recently embarked on a vigorous attempt to redefine themselves as responsible corporate citizens. They have been […]

Tobacco Industry and Corporate Responsibility… An Inherent Contradiction (2004)

This document has been developed by WHO’s Tobacco Free Initiative, Pursuant to WHA Resolution 54.18, Transparency in Tobacco Control Process, that “calls on WHO to continue to inform member states on activities of the tobacco industry that have negative impact on tobacco control efforts.” Read more: World Health Organization

Tobacco Industry Efforts to Erode Tobacco Advertising Controls in Hungary (2004)

Authors: Tibor Szilagyi and Shaun Chapma Abstract Objective: To review strategies of transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) at creating a favourable advertising environment for their products in Hungary, with special regard to efforts resulting in the liberalisation of tobacco advertising in 1997. Method: Analysis of internal tobacco industry documents relevant to Hungary available on the World Wide Web. […]

Tobacco Industry Attempts to Subvert European Union Tobacco Advertising Legislation (2002)

Authors: Asaf Bitton et al. Abstract Beginning with the Europe Against Cancer Action Program in 1985, the European Economic Community (EEC), which was later renamed the European Community (EC) with its incorporation into the new European Union (EU) in 1992, began to seriously consider tobacco product regulation to fight tobacco-related illness on a pan-European scale. […]