2 Pangasinan towns get tobacco curing barns

29 January 2021 Ahikam Pasion, Philippines News Agency DAGUPAN CITY – The Pangasinan provincial government has turned over two tobacco curing barns to San Manuel and Balungao towns that were funded from the tobacco excise tax in 2016. In an interview on Friday, provincial agriculturist Dalisay Moya clarified the tobacco curing barns are not for the […]

Determinants of tobacco cultivation in Bangladesh

November 1, 2020 Authors: Md Sazedur Rahman,N A M Faisal Ahmed,Mohammad Ali,Md Menhazul Abedin,Md Saimul Islam X-Mol Abstract Background Tobacco production continues to increase in low-income and middle-income countries including in Bangladesh. It has spreads to different parts of Bangladesh and is now threatening food cultivation, the environment and health. The aim of this study is […]

Tobacco Industry Lives and Kills (2018)

Author: João Peres/Moriti Neto Introduction Brazil has been the world’s largest leaf tobacco exporter for 25 years. Belgium, China, U.S.A and Italy are the main yearly buyers of almost half a million tons of the product, which accounts for around one third of global trade and approximately 1% of Brazilian foreign sales.1 Tobacco is one of […]

Tobacco and its Environmental Impact: An Overview (2017)

Executive summary Tobacco use is now a well-documented threat to global health. It kills more than 7 million people a year and is currently the world’s single biggest cause of preventable death. Much of what is known about the risks of tobacco, however, concerns the direct impact (in terms of morbidity and mortality) of first-hand […]

Tobacco Litter Costs and Public Policy: A Framework and Methodology for Considering the Use of Fees to Offset Abatement Costs (2011)

Authors: John E Schneider et al. Abstract Objectives: Growing concern over the costs, environmental impact and safety of tobacco product litter (TPL) has prompted states and cities to undertake a variety of policy initiatives, of which litter abatement fees are part. The present work describes a framework and methodology for calculating TPL costs and abatement […]

Analysis of Metals Leached from Smoked Cigarette Litter (2011)

Authors: J W Moerman and G E Potts Abstract Background: Littered cigarette butts represent potential point sources for environmental contamination. In areas with substantial amounts of cigarette litter, environmental hazards may arise as chemical components are leached from the filters and smoked tobacco. Objective: The three main aims of this study were: (1) to quantify the […]

Geographic Patterns of Cigarette Butt Waste in the Urban Environment (2011)

Authors: Maacah Marah, Thomas E Novotny Abstract Background: This reports the initial phase of a study to quantify the spatial pattern of cigarette butt waste in an urban environment. Methods: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was used to create a weighted overlay analysis model which was then applied to the locations of businesses where cigarettes are sold […]

The Intractable Cigarette ‘Filter Problem’ (2011)

Author: Bradford Harris Background: When lung cancer fears emerged in the 1950s, cigarette companies initiated a shift in cigarette design from unfiltered to filtered cigarettes. Both the ineffectiveness of cigarette filters and the tobacco industry’s misleading marketing of the benefits of filtered cigarettes have been well documented. However, during the 1950s and 1960s, American cigarette companies […]

Regulating the Disposal of Cigarette Butts as Toxic Hazardous Waste (2011)

Author: Richard L Barnes Abstract The trillions of cigarette butts generated each year throughout the world pose a significant challenge for disposal regulations, primarily because there are millions of points of disposal, along with the necessity to segregate, collect and dispose of the butts in a safe manner, and cigarette butts are toxic, hazardous waste. […]