Tobacco Industry Efforts Undermining Evidence Linking Secondhand Smoke With Cardiovascular Disease (2007)

Authors: Elisa Kong and Stanton Glantz Abstract Background: The scientific consensus that secondhand smoke (SHS) increases cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk by 30% is based on epidemiological and biological evidence. The tobacco industry has contested this evidence that SHS causes CVD, but how and why they have done it has not been described. Methods and Results: About 50 million […]

Smoke-free College Campuses: No Ifs, ands or Toxic Butts (2011)

Author: Michael Sawdey et al. Abstract Objective: To better estimate the burden of toxic cigarette butt waste and create awareness of the hazardous nature of cigarette butts on two large university campuses in San Diego by organizing and conducting student cigarette butt clean-up activities. Methods: Two separate campus-wide clean-ups were conducted by student volunteers at San […]