Representation and Misrepresentation of Scientific Evidence in Contemporary Tobacco Regulation: A Review of Tobacco Industry Submissions to the UK Government Consultation on Standardised Packaging (2014)

Authors: Selda Ulucanlar et al. Abstract Background: Standardised packaging (SP) of tobacco products is an innovative tobacco control measure opposed by transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) whose responses to the UK government’s public consultation on SP argued that evidence was inadequate to support implementing the measure. The government’s initial decision, announced 11 months after the consultation closed, […]

Tobacco Product Regulation and Tobacco Industry Interference (2018)

Author: Hanbing Guo Abstract China’s Tobacco Monopoly Law grants the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA)/China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC) power to devise and enact any and all regulations related to tobacco products. Rather than strengthening regulations on the contents of tobacco products, STMA/CNTC has instead launched the “low tar, low harm” campaign, despite the mountain of […]