“A Phony Way to Show Sincerity, As We All Well Know”: Tobacco Industry Lobbying Against Tobacco Control in Hong Kong (2004)

Authors: Stephen Chapman and Jason Knight Abstract Objective: To examine the tobacco industry’s efforts to influence public policy and block the legislative process on tobacco control in Hong Kong, 1973 to 1997. Method: Systematic review of relevant tobacco industry documents made public via the Master Settlement Agreement. Results: The tobacco industry in Hong Kong has sought to manipulate […]

A Mire of Highly Subjective and Ineffective Voluntary Guidelines: Tobacco Industry Efforts to Thwart Tobacco Control in Malaysia (2004)

Authors: Mary Assunta and Sarah Chapman Abstract Objective: To describe tobacco industry efforts in Malaysia to thwart government efforts to regulate tobacco promotion and health warnings. Methods: Systematic keyword and opportunistic website searches of formerly private tobacco industry internal documents made available through the Master Settlement Agreement and secondary websites; relevant information from news articles and financial […]

Tobacco Excise Taxation in South Africa (2003)

Author: Corné van Walbeek Introduction The past ten years have witnessed a major turnabout in government policy on tobacco control in South Africa. Within a relatively short time, government policy has changed from complete apathy to one where the tobacco control measures are regarded as some of the most progressive in the world. Read more: […]

“Avoid Health Warnings on All Tobacco Products Just as Long as We Can”: A History of Australian Tobacco Industry Efforts to Avoid, Delay and Dilute Health Warnings on Cigarettes (2003)

Authors:  Shaun Chapman and Stacy Carter Abstract Objective: To review critically the history of Australian tobacco industry efforts to avoid, delay, and dilute pack warnings on cigarettes. Design: Systematic keyword and opportunistic website searches of tobacco industry internal documents made available through the Master Settlement Agreement. Results: Four industry strategies and six recurrent arguments used […]

Tobacco Industry Attempts to Subvert European Union Tobacco Advertising Legislation (2002)

Authors: Asaf Bitton et al. Abstract Beginning with the Europe Against Cancer Action Program in 1985, the European Economic Community (EEC), which was later renamed the European Community (EC) with its incorporation into the new European Union (EU) in 1992, began to seriously consider tobacco product regulation to fight tobacco-related illness on a pan-European scale. […]

Voices of Truth, vol. 2: Multinational Tobacco Industry Activity in the Middle East: A Review of Internal Industry Documents (2001)

Authors: Ross Hammond and Celia White Abstract The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean has been working for years with national, regional and international partners to address tobacco health hazards and to support all national tobacco control measures. Yet, success in reducing the rates of morbidity and mortality attributed to tobacco use has remained […]

The Role of Public Law-based Litigation in Tobacco Companies’ Strategies in High-income, FCTC Ratifying Countries, 2004–14 (2016)

Authors: Sarah Steele et al.  Background: Tobacco companies use a host of strategies to undermine public health efforts directed to reduce and eliminate smoking. The success, failure and trends in domestic litigation used by tobacco companies to undermine tobacco control are not well understood, with commentators often assuming disputes are trade related or international in […]