Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Tobacco Excise and Tobacco Advertising Policies in the Czech Republic: An Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents (2012)

Authors: Risako Shiran et al. Abstract Background: The Czech Republic has one of the poorest tobacco control records in Europe. This paper examines transnational tobacco companies’ (TTCs’) efforts to influence policy there, paying particular attention to excise policies, as high taxes are one of the most effective means of reducing tobacco consumption, and tax structures are […]

Tobacco Industry Interference in Kenya: Exposing the Tactics (2012)

Executive Summary The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in its preamble recognizes ‘…the need to be alert to any efforts of the tobacco industry to undermine or subvert tobacco control efforts and the need to be informed of the activities of the tobacco industry that have a negative impact on […]

Tobacco Industry Success in Costa Rica: The Importance of FCTC Article 5.3 (2012)

Authors: Eric Crosbie, Ernesto M Sebrié, and Stanton A Glantz Abstract Objective: To analyze how the tobacco industry influenced tobacco control policymaking in Costa Rica. Materials and methods: Review of tobacco industry documents, tobacco control legislation, newspaper articles, and interviewing of key informants. Results: During the mid-to-late 1980s, Health Ministry issued several advanced (for their time) smoking restriction decrees […]

Tobacco Industry’s ITGA Fights FCTC Implementation in the Uruguay Negotiations (2012)

Author: Mary Assunta  Abstract Objective: To illustrate how the tobacco industry’ front group, the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA), mobilised tobacco farmers to influence the fourth session of the Conference of the Parties (COP4) negotiations and defeat the adoption of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Articles 9 and 10 Guidelines and Articles 17 and 18 progress […]

Global Health Governance and the Commercial Sector: A Documentary Analysis of Tobacco Company Strategies to Influence the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (2012)

Authors: Heide Weishaar et al. Abstract Background: In successfully negotiating the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the World Health Organization (WHO) has led a significant innovation in global health governance, helping to transform international tobacco control. This article provides the first comprehensive review of the diverse campaign initiated by transnational tobacco corporations (TTCs) to […]

Success Counteracting Tobacco Company Interference in Thailand: An Example of FCTC Implementation for Low- and Middle-income Countries (2012)

Authors: Naowarut Charoenca et al.  Abstract Transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) interfere regularly in policymaking in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). The WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control provides mechanisms and guidance for dealing with TTC interference, but many countries still face ‘how to’ challenges of implementation. For more than two decades, Thailand’s public health community […]

The Vector of the Tobacco Epidemic: Tobacco Industry Practices in Low and Middle-income Countries (2012)

Authors: Sungkyu Lee , Pamela M Ling, Stanton A Glantz Abstract Purpose: To understand transnational tobacco companies’ (TTCs) practices in low and middle-income countries which serve to block tobacco-control policies and promote tobacco use. Methods: Systematic review of published research on tobacco industry activities to promote tobacco use and oppose tobacco-control policies in low and middle-income countries. Results: TTCs’ strategies used […]

Protecting Tobacco Control From Tobacco Industry Interference (2012)

Tobacco industry interests The tobacco industry seeks to undermine tobacco control efforts. As more countries move to fully meet their obligations under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the tobacco industry’s attempts to subvert the Convention are becoming increasingly energetic. This poses a serious danger to public health. Read more: WHO Regional Office […]

Tobacco Companies’ Use of Developing Countries’ Economic Reliance on Tobacco to Lobby Against Global Tobacco Control: The Case of Malawi (2011)

Authors: Martin Otañez et al. Abstract Transnational tobacco manufacturing and tobacco leaf companies engage in numerous efforts to oppose global tobacco control. One of their strategies is to stress the economic importance of tobacco to the developing countries that grow it. We analyze tobacco industry documents and ethnographic data to show how tobacco companies used […]

Tobacco Industry Attempts to Influence and Use the German Government to Undermine the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (2011)

Authors: Thilo Grüning et al. Abstract Background: Germany has been identified as one of a few high-income countries that opposed a strong Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the WHO’s first global public health treaty. This paper examines whether the tobacco industry had influenced the German position on the FCTC. Methods: Analysis of previously confidential tobacco industry […]