Illicit Cigarette Trade in Thailand (2012)

Author: Pirudee Pavananunt Abstract The sale and consumption of illicit tobacco increases consumption, impacts public health, reduces tax revenue and provides an argument against tax increases. Thailand has some of the best tobacco control policies in Southeast Asia with one of the highest tobacco tax rates, but illicit trade has the potential to undermine these […]

The Changing Role of China in the Global Illegal Cigarette Trade (2012)

Author: Klaus von Lampe et al. Abstract This study explores the history of the illegal production, distribution, and smuggling of cigarettes in mainland China. Data were obtained from a content analysis of 931 media reports retrieved from LexisNexis for the time period 1975 until 2010, and from other open sources. The illegal cigarette trade first […]

From Cigarette Smuggling to Illicit Tobacco Trade (2012)

Authors: Luk Joossens and Martin Raw Abstract Background: Tax policy is considered the most effective strategy to reduce tobacco consumption and prevalence. Tax avoidance and tax evasion therefore undermine the effectiveness of tax policies and result in less revenue for governments, cheaper prices for smokers and increased tobacco use. Tobacco smuggling and illicit tobacco trade […]

Blood Cigarettes: Cigarette Smuggling and War Economies in Central and Eastern Africa (2011)

Authors: Kristof Titeca, Luk Joossens and Martin Raw Abstract Objective: To analyse cigarette smuggling practices in central and eastern Africa. Methods: Primary data were gathered during long-term qualitative field research in which about 400 interviews were conducted. Analysis of secondary sources included academic literature and reports from non-government organisations, multilateral organisations and the press. Results: Our research […]

Opportunities and Risks of the Proposed FCTC Protocol on Illicit Trade (2011)

Authors: Jonathan Liberman et al. Abstract Illicit trade in tobacco products presents a threat to public health because it undermines the use of tax and price policies, which are among the most effective mechanisms for reducing tobacco consumption. Parties to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) are in the final stages of negotiating a […]

Tobacco Smuggling: Case Study of a Pro‐health Lobbying Initiative (2011)

Author: Lorna Jennings The Irish Cancer Society (ICS) is an organization with significant credibility in the health arena. As the national cancer charity, the Society since its foundation in 1963 has played a key role in the development of cancer policy in Ireland. With regard to areas outside the remit of health however, it became very […]

Deliverable 5.2: Illicit Tobacco Trade in Europe: Issues and solutions (2011)

Author: Luk Joossens Executive Summary Definitions Tax avoidance refers to legal activities to pay less or no taxes. Tax evasion refers to illegal activities to pay less or no taxes. Smuggling refers to products illegally traded across borders. Illicit trade refers to “any practice or conduct prohibited by law and which relates to production, shipment, […]

Adolescents’ Awareness of, and Involvement with, Illicit Tobacco in the UK (2010)

Authors: Crawford Moodie, Anne Marie Mackintosh and Robert West The trade in illicit tobacco, which includes counterfeiting, bootlegging (small-scale smuggling) and large-scale organised smuggling by criminal gangs, has flourished in the UK and worldwide in the last decade.1 The presence of supply routes and distribution networks, geographic location, stringency of tobacco control, resource and efforts of customs officers and […]