“Shifting the Stuff Wasn’t Any Bother”: Illicit Enterprise, Tobacco Bootlegging and Deconstructing the British Government’s Cigarette Smuggling Discourse (2013)

Author: Xavier Duncan L’Hoiry Abstract This paper presents the results of interactions/interviews with an active tobacco bootlegger regarding his illicit entrepreneurial activity spanning his illegal career. This narrative is intended to portray a snapshot of a type of organised criminality within an illicit market place but seeks to add to the critical academic literature responding […]

 The WHO Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: A Next Step in International Control of Tobacco Products (2013)

Author: Lukasz Gruszczynski  Abstract This report discusses the main provisions of the recently adopted WHO Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. While recognizing the remarkable achievement of the global community in its efforts to curb illicit trade in tobacco products at the international level, the report also highlights those aspects of the Protocol […]

Strategies to Combat Illicit Tobacco Trade (2012)

Authors: Jess Alderman Introduction Illicit tobacco trade is a significant global problem. Experts estimate that more than 10 percent of cigarettes bought around the world are sold illegally,1 and in the United States alone smuggling costs about $5 billion per year in lost state tax revenues.2 The contraband tobacco trade is one of the most complex […]

Combating Counterfeit Medicines and Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products: Minefields in Global Health Governance (2012)

Author: Jonathan Liberman Abstract This article examines two spheres of global governance in which the World Health Organization (WHO) has sought to exercise international leadership — combating “counterfeit” medicines and illicit trade in tobacco products. Medicines and tobacco products lie at polar opposite ends of the health spectrum, and are regulated for vastly different reasons […]

Illicit Tobacco Trade Between the United States and Mexico (2012)

Author: John Colledge Abstract Objective: To provide a brief history of the illicit tobacco trade between Mexico and the United States. Materials and Methods: Research included a previously published study: “Cigarette taxes and smuggling: A statistical analysis and historical review”, published by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy; US Customs and Border Protection data; various US court […]

 The Linkage Between Tax Burden and Illicit Trade of Excisable products: The Example of Tobacco (2012)

Authors: Adrian Cooper and Daniel Witt Abstract Illicit trade in tobacco is now a global phenomenon. Experience across both advanced and developing economies demonstrates that the key economic drivers influencing the illicit tobacco trade are excessive tax levels, usually resulting in a sharp decline in cigarette affordability, and organised crime’s willingness to supply given the opportunity […]

Tackling Cigarette Smuggling with Enforcement: Case Studies Reviewing the Experience in Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom (2012)

Authors: János Nagy Abstract This paper provides an overview of the approaches taken to address cigarette smuggling and focuses on the experiences of Hungary, Romania and the United Kingdom to reduce illicit trade in tobacco products. The author identifies the significance of highly taxed tobacco products as contributors to government revenue and the efforts made […]

Illicit Trade Protocol: The Weakest Link: Invited Commentary (2012)

Author: Deborah Sy The article ‘From cigarette smuggling to illicit tobacco trade’ exposes the modus operandi in illicit trade that highlights the need for global cooperation in eliminating the illicit trade of tobacco products (see page 230). It must be emphasised as well that the protocol can only be as strong as the weakest link in the […]

‘It Will Harm Business and Increase Illicit Trade’: An Evaluation of the Relevance, Quality and Transparency of Evidence Submitted by Transnational Tobacco Companies to the UK Consultation on Standardised Packaging 2012 (2012)

Authors: Karen Evans-Reeves et al. Abstract Introduction: Transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) submitted evidence to the 2012 UK Consultation on standardised packaging (SP) to argue the policy will have detrimental economic impacts and increase illicit tobacco trade. Methods: A content analysis of the four TTC submissions to the consultation assessed the relevance and quality of evidence […]