The Empirical Analysis of Cigarette Tax Avoidance and Illicit Trade in Vietnam, 1998-2010 (2014)

Authors: Minh Thac Nguyen et al. Abstract  Illicit trade carries the potential to magnify existing tobacco-related health care costs through increased availability of untaxed and inexpensive cigarettes. What is known with respect to the magnitude of illicit trade for Vietnam is produced primarily by the industry, and methodologies are typically opaque. Independent assessment of the […]

Empirical Measurement of Illicit Tobacco Trade in the Philippines (2014)

Authors: Victor Abola et al. Abstract Cigarette smuggling reduces the price of cigarettes, thwarts youth access restrictions, reduces government revenue, and undercuts the ability of taxes to reduce consumption. The tobacco industry often opposes increases to tobacco taxes on the claim that greater taxes induce more smuggling. To date, little is known about the magnitude of […]

Towards a Greater Understanding of the Illicit Tobacco Trade in Europe: A Review of the PMI Funded ’Project Star’ Report (2014)

Authors: Anna Gilmore et al. Abstract Background Following a legal agreement with the European Union (EU), Philip Morris International (PMI) commissions a yearly report (‘Project Star’, PS) on the European illicit cigarette trade from KPMG, the global accountancy firm. Methods Review of PS 2010 report. Comparison with data from independent sources including a 2010 pan-European survey (N=18 056). […]

Change in Tobacco Excise Policy in Bulgaria: The Role of Tobacco Industry Lobbying and Smuggling (2014)

Authors: Valeria Skafida et al. Abstract Objectives: To examine how transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) tried to penetrate the Bulgarian cigarette market and influence tobacco excise tax policy after the fall of communism and during Bulgaria’s accession to the European Union (EU). Design: Analysis of internal tobacco industry documents supplemented by analysis of press coverage, tobacco […]

 Taxes, Prices and Illicit Trade: The Need for Sound Evidence (2014)

Author: Frank J Chaloupka Extensive research from around the world has documented the effectiveness of tobacco tax and price increases in reducing tobacco use by promoting cessation among current users, deterring young people from taking up tobacco use, and reducing how much continuing users consume. Internal tobacco company documents show that the industry clearly understands […]

Corruption, Greed and Crime-money: Sleaze and Shady Economy in Europe and Beyond (2014)

Land of opportunities: The illicit trade in cigarettes in the United States, p. 267 Authors: Klaus von Lampe, Marin Kurti and John Bae Introduction The illegal cigarette trade is a global phenomenon. The smuggling and sale of contraband cigarettes is pervasive in many parts of the world and trafficking routes span the globe. Much of […]

Economics of Tobacco Toolkit, Tool 7: Understand, Measure, and Combat Tobacco Smuggling (2013)

Author: David Merriman The intended purpose of this tool is to let readers gain the necessary knowledge about tobacco smuggling. With this knowledge, policy responses can be developed and further monitored in order to establish their effectiveness, appropriateness, and impact on other policy goals. For example, if enhanced tax revenue is one goal of a tobacco […]

Price and Tax Measures and Illicit Trade in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: What We Know and What Research Is Required (2013)

Author: Corne van Walbeek Abstract Introduction: Article 6 of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control commits Parties to use tax and price policies to reduce tobacco use, whereas Article 15 commits Parties to implement measures to eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products. This paper identifies research gaps/needs, especially in low- and middle-income countries, which, […]

Smoking Prevalence and Illicit Cigarettes Trade in 18 European Countries (2013)

Authors: Alessandra Lugo, et al.  Abstract In Europe, limited adequate data on tobacco, allowing for between-country comparisons, are available. Moreover, scanty information, other than those provided by the tobacco industry, is available on the quantitative extent of illicit cigarette trade. The Pricing Policies And Control of Tobacco in Europe (PPACTE) project aims to provide a […]