Graduated Sovereignty and Global Governance Gaps: Special Economic Zones and the Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (2017)

Authors: Chris Holden  Abstract Illicit trade in tobacco products has been a significant problem globally for many years. It allows cigarettes to be sold far below their legal price and thus contributes to higher consumption, morbidity and mortality, and deprives state treasuries of a substantial amount of revenue. This article identifies special economic zones (SEZs), particularly […]

An analysis of the Australian Illicit Tobacco Market (2017)

Authors: Mark Lauchs and Rebecca Keane  Abstract Purpose: This paper aims to provide an overview of the illicit tobacco market in Australia. It attempts to build a picture of the sources of demand, size of the market and methods of supply. Design/methodology/approach: This paper is based on collation of disparate government reports, industry research, media and court documents. […]

Commentary on Joossens et al. (2010): Eliminating the Global Illicit Cigarette Trade – What do we really know? (2010) 

Author: Evan Belcher This paper by Joossens, Merriman, Ross & Raw is a timely addition to the public health literature, most notably because of ongoing negotiations on the Illicit Trade Protocol of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. The Protocol has the potential to create a global best practice and standards to help reduce the […]

“Cigarette Smuggling for Greenhorns”: Recent Patterns of Illegal Tobacco Trade in the Czech Republic (2016)

Authors: Petr Kupka and Kateřina Tvrdá  Abstract One of the countries impacted to a lesser degree by the illegal trade in tobacco products is the Czech Republic. Recently the proportion of counterfeit or smuggled cigarettes declined by approximately 3 % of the market while decentralisation and fragmentation are the main processes underlining the black trade in tobacco […]

The Illicit Tobacco Market in Sweden – From Smuggling to Warehousing (2016)

Authors: Johanna Skinnari and Lars Korsell  Abstract Research on the illicit tobacco market in Sweden is scarce. Actors in the licit tobacco market have made estimations of the size of its illicit counterpart and claim that organised crime is highly involved in this market. In a pilot study (a part of the larger EU funded […]

Content Analysis of Tobacco Industry Data on the Illicit Tobacco Trade in UK Newspapers During the Standardised Packaging Debate (2016)

Authors: Karen Evans-Reeves et al. Abstract Background: Standardised tobacco packaging, which commenced in the UK in May, 2016, has been vehemently opposed by transnational tobacco companies. Previous research has concluded that companies invoke the existence of an illicit trade in tobacco to oppose tobacco control policies and exaggerate its true scale. The argument they make […]

The Financial Management of the Illicit Tobacco Trade in the United Kingdom (2016)

Authors: Georgios A. Antonopoulos and Alexandra Hall Over the last two decades official and media discourses have paid increasing attention to the proceeds of ‘organized crime’. However, although there is a relatively sound understanding of finance-related issues in the drug markets, not much is known about other illegal markets. Drawing on a diverse set of […]

Targeted Enforcement Against Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products (2016)

Authors: James Prieger,  Jonathan D. Kulick, and  Mark A. R. Kleiman Abstract Illicit trade in tobacco is a substantial and growing problem in the U.S., causing loss of tax revenue, damage to public health, and threats to public safety. Decisions about enforcement against ITTP involve tradeoffs among competing objectives. Good policy design can improve the […]

Smoking Out Illicit Trade: How Some Policies Intended to Limit Smoking Drive Illegal Trade (2016)

Author: Roger Bate Abstract The World Health Organization (WHO) states that smoking cigarettes is the largest cause of preventable premature death globally. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) entered into force in 2005 with an aim to lower the death toll. FCTC has adopted a policy of encouraging developing nations to follow the […]

‘Where There’s Smoke, there’s Money’: An Introduction to the Special Issue on ‘the Illicit Tobacco Market’ (2016)

Author: Georgios A. Antonopoulos and Klaus von Lampe  This paper provides an introduction to the special issue of Trends in Organized Crime bringing forward numerous empirical research findings and theoretical accounts on the illicit tobacco market in several European countries and the United States. The illegal trade in tobacco products is widely considered to be a manifestation […]