GGTC applauds WTO’s reaffirmation of Australia’s plain packaging

Bangkok – On Tuesday, June 9, the World Trade Organization (WTO) reaffirmed Australia’s plain packaging laws which require the tobacco industry to use generic text in drab plain cigarette packs with large graphic warnings. WTO’s Appellate Body rejected arguments that these are “more trade-restrictive than necessary for achieving that public health objective”; and that plain […]

New plain cigarette packs a landmark achievement for Canada

February 19, 2020 A historic public health achievement took place on Feb. 7, when all tobacco products sold in retail stores were required to be in plain packages. The measure comes into effect after a long battle with the tobacco industry. While the idea of plain packaging might be new to many Canadians, it is […]

The cost of defeating Philip Morris over cigarette plain packaging

April 2, 2019 Australia scored a victory over the tobacco giant Philip Morris in the High Court in 2012. The court held that Australia’s plain cigarette packaging laws were legal and did not constitute an unjust confiscation of trademarks and intellectual property. Philip Morris had to pay all of Australia’s costs. Read more: The Sydney […]