Mud-slinging continues between tobacco bodies following calls for industry investigation

15 March 2021Carin Smith, Fin24 In the wake of Ipsos-report it commissioned on the illicit cigarette trade in South Africa, British American Tobacco SA (BATSA) accuses some industry bodies of “running scared in their U-turn on baking” for an industry-wide investigation into the rampant illicit tobacco trade….Read more

WHO warns of possible pressure from the tobacco industry to benefit from a bill to combat smuggling

July 27, 2020 The head of the Secretariat of the WHO Framework Convention (World Health Organization) for Tobacco Control (FCTC), Adriana Blanco, warned the Legislative Commission of Justice of alleged pressures from the tobacco industry to obtain compensation and eliminate the tax on tobacco. tobacco, established as a public health policy. Read more: Eluniverso

How tobacco-funded group try to influence tobacco control policy in Costa Rica – Report

July 18, 2020 A Philip Morris-funded group has been attempting to interfere in the design of public policies in Costa Rica and other countries by opposing legislation that seeks to regulate cigarette smuggling, a report by AdiarioCR has shown. The Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade’s (TRACIT) interference also involved requesting the strengthening of the […]

Philip Morris makes profit on cigarettes smuggled to Ecuador and now seeks government compensation for these same cigarettes

June 9, 2020 Protecting citizens’ health from the lethal effects of tobacco smoking has been one of the government’s clear priorities in Ecuador. In recent years, the country implemented strict smoke-free policies, mandated large pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs, and trained primary health physicians to provide tobacco cessation support. Moreover, high excise taxes make cigarettes […]

Trade in illicit cigarettes on the way to being stubbed out

March 6, 2020 According to academics from the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Research Unit on the Economics of Excisable Products, the government is winning the war against illegal tobacco products and the once rampant lawlessness in the industry may be coming to an end. Read more: University of Cape Town

Losses in revenue from tobacco industry: Govt urged to place transparent Track and Trace System

January 11, 2020 With claim of causing losses of Rs153 billion to national exchequer by tobacco industry through various tactics, the anti-tobacco campaigners have asked government to place an independent and transparent Track & Trace System to stop under-reporting of real production. Read more: The International News

WHO statement urging governments to ban tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship at international expositions

August 15, 2019 The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a statement calling upon governments to enforce their obligation under the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Article 13 to enforce comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising promotion and sponsorship at international expos and conferences, in order to ensure that such events and programs are tobacco […]

Shameless and Blameless: How Big Tobacco is Trying to Dupe Everyone — and what SARS Should do About it

June 9, 2019 Big tobacco’s public relations campaign around the intention by SARS to clamp down on tobacco supply chains should come as no surprise. It comes straight out of their playbook used around the world to prevent governments from enacting meaningful change that actually clamps down on illicit trade. The tobacco industry invented illicit […]