Kids Are Big Tobacco’s “Replacement” Customers

3 December, 2020 Author: Tobacco Free CA While the tobacco industry claims they no longer target kids, they still use tactics to attract kids to use their products. They use enticing flavors, colorful packaging, and names and logos similar to popular types of candy11. And many of these products are often placed in kid-friendly locations […]

Ireland bans menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco starting May 20

March 15, 2020 In Ireland, menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco, along with irregularly shaped packs such as skinny cigarettes will be banned from May 20. Also included in the ban are click dual cigarettes that change from normal to menthol. It’s all part of the four year phasing-out period of the EU Tobacco Product Directive […]

WHO Statement on Heated Tobacco Products and the US FDA Decision Regarding IQOS

July 27, 2020 WHO takes this opportunity to remind Member States that are Parties to the WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (FCTC) of their obligations under the Convention. Heated tobacco products are tobacco products, meaning that the WHO FCTC fully applies to these products. (Decision FCTC/COP8(22)) Specifically, Article 13.4(a) obliges Parties, to prohibit “all […]

BAT Slammed for ‘Tattling’ on JTI Menthol Substitutes

June 8, 2020 Bob Blackman, chairman of the U.K. All Party Parliamentary Group on Smoking and Health, has criticized British American Tobacco (BAT) for leaking information about products made by Japan Tobacco International (JTI) following the ban on menthol cigarettes sold in the European Union, reports I News. Read more: Tobacco Reporter

Minister calls on EU to act against tobacco firms ‘undermining’ menthol ban in Ireland

May 30, 2020 Simon Harris, the Minister for Health, has called for European Union intervention against certain tobacco companies that he believes are “undermining” a ban on menthol-flavoured cigarettes that was introduced in Ireland this month as a measure to prevent young people from taking up smoking. Read more: The Irish Times

Subtle Tobacco Industry Advertising Tactics Hook Adolescents, Say WHO Experts

May 29, 2020 In light of millions of smokers attempting to quit the vice during the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has employed ‘very mean’, ‘very subtle’ and ‘very targeted’ tactics to hook young populations to “deadly’ tobacco products, according to WHO experts.  Read more: Health Policy Watch

WHO recommends that e-cigarettes should be banned

May 25, 2020 Information from Mr. Nguyen Tuan Lam – Office of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam – said that WHO recommends the best countries to ban the circulation of e-cigarettes and new-type cigarettes, if for Permits need to be managed tightly to limit the impact on people’s health. Read more: Tuoi Tre

How bad is Juuling for the environment?

April 29, 2020 As a long-term smoker who has tried unsuccessfully to quit cold turkey, one of my biggest victories came in early 2019 when I picked up a Juul for the first time. It was love at first pull and, after a few days of formaldehyde clouds, I even lost the desire to pick […]