Ireland bans menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco starting May 20

March 15, 2020 In Ireland, menthol cigarettes and rolling tobacco, along with irregularly shaped packs such as skinny cigarettes will be banned from May 20. Also included in the ban are click dual cigarettes that change from normal to menthol. It’s all part of the four year phasing-out period of the EU Tobacco Product Directive […]

Tobacco giants fume over claims they exploited COVID-19 with Romania, Greece & Ukraine donations

August 6, 2020 Two tobacco titans have hit back at allegations they are using the COVID-19 health crisis to improve their public image and win access to politicians. Philip Morris International subsidiary, Papastratos, gave 50 respirators to Greek hospitals to help them cope during the pandemic. Read more: Euronews

Tobacco industry lobbies Bangladesh Government Agency to champion its business during COVID-19 pandemic

July 3, 2020 Bangladesh has seen an unprecedented level of tobacco industry interference during the COVID-19 crisis. The tobacco industry in Bangladesh, dominated by two transnational tobacco companies, British American Tobacco Bangladesh (BATB) and Japan Tobacco International (JTI), has exploited the ongoing pandemic to protect its cigarette business. While publicly building their image by making […]

Jordan bans smoking and vaping in indoor public spaces

July 2, 2020 The Jordanian government has banned smoking and vaping in all indoor public spaces a week after a Guardian investigation revealed tobacco use in the country had become the highest in the world. The country’s health ministry said on Wednesday all enclosed public areas would now be “100% smoke-free environments”, building on an existing […]

Smoke and Mirrors: Weak EU Transparency Rules Allow Tobacco Industry Lobbyists to Dodge Scrutiny

July 2, 2020 Given the upcoming revision of the Tobacco Products Directive, it is high time that the EU meets its obligations to ensure that lobbying by the tobacco industry to influence public officials faces tighter scrutiny and pro-active transparency. As the European Union prepares for a review and possible revision of its Tobacco Products […]

Philip Morris makes profit on cigarettes smuggled to Ecuador and now seeks government compensation for these same cigarettes

June 9, 2020 Protecting citizens’ health from the lethal effects of tobacco smoking has been one of the government’s clear priorities in Ecuador. In recent years, the country implemented strict smoke-free policies, mandated large pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs, and trained primary health physicians to provide tobacco cessation support. Moreover, high excise taxes make cigarettes […]

Tobacco Firms Accused of ‘Undermining’ EU Menthol Ban

June 3, 2020 Ireland’s minister of health, Simon Harris, has urged the EU to crack down on tobacco industry actions that he believes are “undermining” the recently enacted ban on menthol cigarettes. Across the EU, tobacco companies have been introducing products targeted at smokers who previously used menthol products. Read more: Tobacco Reporter

Minister calls on EU to act against tobacco firms ‘undermining’ menthol ban in Ireland

May 30, 2020 Simon Harris, the Minister for Health, has called for European Union intervention against certain tobacco companies that he believes are “undermining” a ban on menthol-flavoured cigarettes that was introduced in Ireland this month as a measure to prevent young people from taking up smoking. Read more: The Irish Times

Study finds that plain packaging really boosted tobacco consumption in Australia

May 30, 2020 In December 2012, Australia turned the primary nation to introduce laws for the plain packaging of tobacco merchandise as a part of its bid to return into line with many European nations in the case of strictly controlling and lowering tobacco consumption. Read more: Post of Asia