Global Evidence on the Association between POS Advertising Bans and Youth Smoking Participation (2016)

Authors: Ce Shang et al. Abstract Background: Point-of-sale (POS) tobacco advertising has been linked to youth smoking susceptibility and experimental smoking. However, there is limited evidence of the association between POS advertising bans and youth smoking participation. This study aims to examine how such bans are associated with current smoking, daily smoking, and regular smoking (≥1 […]

“Torches of Freedom”: Themes of Women’s Liberation in American Cigarette Advertising (1999)

Authors: Steve Craig Abstract Women began smoking in the United States during the 1920’s, when the cigarette was adopted by factory workers and college women as a symbol of rebellion, independence, and equality. Tobacco companies exploited this new market by directing advertising at women. One brand in particular — Lucky Strike — had remarkable success by […]

The Tobacco Industry’s Thwarting of Marketing Restrictions and Health Warnings in Lebanon (2009)

Authors: Rima Nakkash and Kelly Lee Abstract Aims: This article outlines how the tobacco industry has undermined tobacco control efforts in Lebanon since the early 1970s. Methods: An analysis of online and on-site tobacco industry documents, reviews of newspapers, policy and other documents, and interviews with key policy makers were conducted. Results: Findings reveal how the weakness of tobacco control […]

Tobacco Point-of-Sale Displays in England: A Snapshot Survey of Current Practices (2010)

Authors: Catriona Rooke et al. Abstract Background: Tobacco displays at the point of sale (PoS) are an important means for the tobacco industry to communicate with consumers. With regulations prohibiting PoS displays recently having come into force in Ireland, passed into law in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and some Australian states, and being considered in New […]

Tobacco Industry Strategies for Influencing European Community Tobacco Advertising Legislation (2002)

Authors: Mark Neuman, Asaf Bitton, and Stanton Glantz Summary Restrictions on tobacco company advertising and sponsorship are effective parts of tobacco control programmes worldwide. Through Council Directive 98/43/EC, the European Community (EC) sought to end all tobacco advertising and sponsorship in EC member states by 2006. Initially proposed in 1989, the directive was adopted in […]

Making the Pack the Hero, Tobacco Industry Response to Marketing Restrictions in the UK: Findings from a Long-Term Audit (2009)

Authors: Crawford Moodie and Gerard Hastings Abstract The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act (TAPA), introduced between 2003 and 2005 in the UK, prohibits all tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. Packaging, however, is not covered in the Act. Two strands of a long-term audit (trade press review and panel of smokers) are examined to monitor change in tobacco packaging […]

Tax, Price and Cigarette Smoking: Evidence from the Tobacco Documents and Implications for Tobacco Company Marketing Strategies (2002)

Authors: Frank Chaloupka et al. Abstract Objective: To examine tobacco company documents to determine what the companies knew about the impact of cigarette prices on smoking among youth, young adults, and adults, and to evaluate how this understanding affected their pricing and price related marketing strategies. Methods: Data for this study come from tobacco industry […]

Holding Tobacco Companies Accountable for Deceptive Ads (2017)

Author: Roy S. Herbst Tobacco companies are finally telling the truth about their deadly products, but only because they’ve been forced to do so. The relationship between cigarette smoking and lung cancer was first brought to the public’s attention more than 50 years ago, when the U.S. Surgeon General’s report on “Smoking and Health” was […]

The Extreme Profitability of the UK Tobacco Market and the Rationale for a New Tobacco Levy (2015)

Author: Anna Gilmore and Robert Branston                                     Introduction We have previously pointed towards the extreme profitability of the UK tobacco manufacturing/import market (henceforth tobacco market) when suggesting that the public interest would be served by regulating tobacco companies using […]

How Does the Tobacco Industry Attempt to Influence Marketing Regulations? A Systematic Review (2014)

Authors: Emily Savell , Anna B. Gilmore, and Gary Fooks Abstract Background: The Framework Convention on Tobacco Control makes a number of recommendations aimed at restricting the marketing of tobacco products. Tobacco industry political activity has been identified as an obstacle to Parties’ development and implementation of these provisions. This study systematically reviews the existing literature […]