Tobacco Industry Argues Domestic Trademark Laws and International Treaties Preclude Cigarette Health Warning Labels, Despite Consistent Legal Advice that the Argument is Invalid (2014)

Authors: Eric Crosbie and Stanton A Glantz Abstract Objectives: To analyse the tobacco industry’s use of international trade agreements to oppose policies to strengthen health warning labels (HWLs). Design: A review of tobacco industry documents, tobacco control legislation and international treaties. Results: During the early 1990s, the tobacco industry became increasingly alarmed about the advancement […]

The Global Tobacco Litigation Initiative: An Effort to Protect Developing Countries from Big Tobacco (2014)

Author: Mohammed Al-hamdani Abstract The tobacco industry faces challenges in the affluent world,  but preys upon poor and populous countries, taking advantage if underdeveloped tobacco policies. One of the ways to address tobacco control globally is to create a tobacco litigation partnership between developed and developing countries. A global litigation partnership between developed and developing […]

Estimating the Proportion of Cases of Lung Cancer Legally Attributable to Smoking: A Novel Approach for Class Actions Against the Tobacco Industry (2014)

Authors: Jack Siemiatycki et al.                            Abstract Objectives: The plaintiffs’ lawyers for a class action suit, which was launched in Quebec on behalf of all patients with lung cancer whose disease was caused by cigarette smoking, asked us to estimate what proportion of […]

All Provinces Can Now Sue Big Tobacco (2014)

Nova Scotia has officially become the last province in Canada to proclaim legislation giving it the legal green light to sue tobacco companies for unlawful activities alleged to increase smoking rates. Minister of Health and Wellness Leo Glavine says the Tobacco Damages and Health-care Costs Recovery Act will enable the province to hold the tobacco […]

Big Tobacco “Pull Out All Stops” for a Landmark Example: The Burswood Casino Case (2011)

Authors: Laura Bond, Julia Stafford and Mike Daube Abstract Background: With the aid of internal tobacco industry documents, this paper provides a chronology of events documenting the role of the Philip Morris tobacco company in the 1993 litigation case against the Burswood International Resort Casino (BIRC). The paper also examines the implications of this case […]

Open Doorway to Truth: Legacy of the Minnesota Tobacco Trial (2009)

Authors: Richard Hurt et al. Abstract More than a decade has passed since the conclusion of the Minnesota tobacco trial and the signing of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) by 46 US State Attorneys General and the US tobacco industry. The Minnesota settlement exposed the tobacco industry’s long history of deceptive marketing, advertising, and research […]

Tobacco Industry Litigation Strategies to Oppose Tobacco Control Media Campaigns (2006)

Authors: J K Ibrahim and Stanton Glantz                                                       Abstract Objective: To document the tobacco industry’s litigation strategy to impede tobacco control media campaigns. Methods: Data were collected from news and […]

The Role of Tobacco Advertising and Promotion: Themes Employed in Litigation by Tobacco Industry Witnesses (2006)

Author: Marvin Goldberg, Ronald Davis, Anne Marie O’Keefe Abstract Objectives: To identify key themes related to tobacco advertising and promotion in testimony provided by tobacco industry-affiliated witnesses in tobacco litigation, and to present countervailing evidence and arguments. Methods: Themes in industry testimony were identified by review of transcripts of testimony in the Tobacco Deposition and […]

Policy Lessons from Comparing Mortality from Two Global Forces: International Terrorism and Tobacco (2006)

Authors: George Thomson and Nick Wilson Abstract The aim of this study was to compare the mortality burdens from two global impacts on mortality: international terrorism and the major cause of preventable death in developed countries–tobacco use. We also sought to examine the similarities and differences between these two causes of mortality so as to […]