Fiscal Versus Social Responsibility: How Philip Morris Shaped the Public Funds Divestment Debate (2006)

Authors: Nathaniel Wander and  Ruth E Malone Abstract Calls for institutional investors to divest (sell off) tobacco stocks threaten the industry’s share values, publicise its bad behaviour, and label it as a politically unacceptable ally. US tobacco control advocates began urging government investment and pension funds to divest as a matter of responsible social policy in 1990. […]

The Investment of Public Funds in Tobacco – The Case for Divestment (2019)

Author: Elizabeth Greenhalgh Growth of the tobacco market will inevitably lead to more deaths. Pension funds (known as superannuation funds in Australia) positively and significantly affect share prices, and are therefore important investors in the stock market. Australian government policies require all employed Australians to contribute to pension funds, therefore most Australians have some investment in the share […]