The Netherlands wants to get rid of super tobacco sales quickly | Politics

1 February 2021

Christopher Cloutier, Netherland News wire

Two thirds of the Dutch support the government plan to ban cigarette sales from the supermarket, according to new research commissioned by the Heart Foundation, KWF Kankerbestrijd and the Lung Fund. Preferably by 2022.

At the moment, 67 percent of the surveyed adults are in favor of supermarkets stopping, according to research conducted by I&O Research on behalf of Health Funds for Smoke Free. About 71 percent of them even want that within a year.

That is much faster than State Secretary Blokhuis (Public Health, ChristenUnie) aims. The Council of Ministers decided on his proposal last November that the sale of tobacco in supermarkets will not be banned until 2024. First, online sales will be banned from 2023.

The measures are an elaboration of the national prevention agreement, which states that the number of tobacco sales outlets will decrease in the coming years. The price of a pack of cigarettes will also slowly but surely rise to ten euros in the coming years.

Petrol stations not before 2030

After 2024, smoking goods will only be allowed at petrol stations and specialist tobacco shops. In the end, petrol stations will also be banned later, but that will not be until 2030.

The Health Funds for Smoke Free want a ban immediately, especially now that the lion’s share of the Netherlands supports this intention. Immediately restricting tobacco sales to specialty tobacco stores would keep 210,000 people off smoking and potentially prevent more than 100,000 deaths.

“For this reason, legal measures are now logical and necessary. After all: the sooner they are implemented, the sooner the smoke-free generation will come into view and the more we will prevent illness and death from smoking. ” Every year, 20,000 Dutch people still die from the effects of smoking.