The Secrets of the World’s Biggest Tobacco Company: The Philip Morris Files

Part 1: Treaty Blitz

Philip Morris International is using its vast resources against efforts to reduce smoking. Internal company documents reveal details of the secretive operation.

Part 2: Marlboro Country

The world’s largest publicly traded tobacco company is marketing cigarettes in India in ways that government officials say violate the country’s anti-smoking laws. F

Part 3: Clinical Complications

Ex-employees and contractors detail irregularities in the clinical trials that underpin Philip Morris Intl’s application to the FDA for its iQOS smoking device. 

Part 4: Humming Along

Philip Morris executives are lobbying health officials across the world on the benefits of iQOS. The device, they say, shouldn’t be categorized as a cigarette.

The Documents

Reuters is publishing a selection of internal Philip Morris documents in a searchable repository. These include emails, PowerPoint presentations, strategy papers and lobbying plans. 

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