Global Media Competition Boot Camp

Planning to join the Global Media Competition but don’t have a clue on developing graphics? Join the boot camp and learn the secrets in producing polished content — all in 45 minutes!

The Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control (GGTC), a partner in STOP (Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products), will organize a boot camp for all interested participants of the “Expose Tobacco Industry Manipulation, Save the Next Generation” Global Media Competition.

The boot camp aims to give participants an overview of tobacco industry interference issues and some creative tips and guidelines in creating graphic materials (memes, GIFs, digital stickers, posters, infographics, and short videos) for the competition.

Date and Time: May 20, 2020, 8AM Eastern Standard Time

Time Duration: 45 minutes


I. TII: The facts and more (10 minutes)

II. Play with Words and Stories: Samples from the Truth Initiative Campaigns (5 minutes)

III. Photo/video-taking tips (for mobile phone or other equipment) (10 minutes)

IV. Best free apps for quick visuals and videos (Quick introduction to online graphic tools: Canva, Desygner, Gravit, Sparks (for photos) and (Viva Video, We Video, Animaker, Krita (For videos and animations) (8 minutes)

V. Basic tutorial on Adobe video editing tools: Premiere or Final Cut (For gifs and videos) (7 minutes)

VI. Basic tutorial on Adobe photo editing tools: Sparks or Photoshop (5 minutes)

Interested participants can register at (link) on or before May 18, 2020. The deadline for submission of graphic materials to the Global Media Competition is on May 31, 2020. Hurry, register now!