The 5.3 Knowledge Hub and the Convention Secretariat host key meetings in Thailand

The Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control (GGTC), as the WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Knowledge Hub for Article 5.3, and the WHO FCTC Secretariat hosted two consecutive meetings in May 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand: the 4th meeting of the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hubs (KHs), held May 13-14, organized by the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) Secretariat (Convention Secretariat) and hosted/cosponsored by GGTC and the Informal Meeting of Article 5.3 experts, conducted May 15, organized by the Convention Secretariat and the GGTC. The meetings were held for the managers of the WHO FCTC Secretariat’s Knowledge Hubs (KHs) and for Article 5.3 experts, respectively.

The meeting of the WHO FCTC Knowledge Hubs, led by the WHO FCTC Secretariat, discussed ongoing and future work of KHs in light of outcomes and decisions of the 8th Conference of Parties (COP 8) and the first session of the Meeting of Parties (MOP), as well as the work to be carried out in relation to Global Strategy to Accelerate Tobacco Control, adopted at COP8 in October 2018.  

Amidst discussions of work plans and future KH activities, the GGTC, the WHO FCTC Secretariat’s KH on Article 5.3, highlighted the importance of implementing Article 5.3 within KHs themselves in order to protect the integrity of their work from tobacco industry influence and interference.

The evolving tobacco industry tactics was discussed in greater depth during the Informal Meeting of Experts. The meeting focused on supporting implementation of Article 5.3 in line with the COP8 Decision especially in the face of the tobacco industry’s corporate transformation in going “smoke-free” to aggressively promote electronic nicotine devices (ENDs) and heated tobacco products (HTP). Inputs from the informal experts meeting serve to guide future work on facilitating implementation of Article 5.3