STOP: A Tobacco Industry Watchdog to Accelerate Tobacco Control

A deadly problem

The tobacco industry spends billions of dollars deceiving consumers, journalists and policymakers.
The result: 7 million people die from tobacco-related causes every year.

What is STOP?

STOP stands for Stopping Tobacco Organizations and Products. It is a new, rigorous, comprehensive global tobacco industry watchdog that will expose the tobacco industry’s efforts to hook a new generation of smokers, attempts to undermine tobacco control, work to derail policy, and unethical business practices. STOP is a robust monitoring, research and reporting project, designed to align closely with existing tobacco control work and bolster current efforts.

How will we STOP the tobacco industry?

STOP partners will draw from cutting-edge research, technology and media experience to reduce the tobacco industry’s influence. STOP will:
• Create a one-stop destination website, mobile app and tools to make it easy for advocates, policy makers and journalists to rapidly access information on the tobacco industry;
• Create a secure way for whistleblowers to report on tobacco industry practices;
• Share analysis of internal industry documents and other cutting-edge industry research;
• Publish regular exposés on abuses and tactics;
• Energize local media; and
• Expose and counter the industry’s constant and dishonest public relations strategies.

How can I benefit from STOP?

• You can access information on the tobacco industry on, which will be updated and expanded.
• Within the next year, you will be able to benefit from the following:
A new website, including comprehensive information on tobacco industry interference;
Products and tools—including mobile apps and country-specific data—intended to empower and embolden advocates to fight industry interference in tobacco control policy;
Assistance from a rapid response team at critical moments;
Regular reports, communications and media coverage.

We want to hear from you – STOP is a hub for our collective efforts.
• Share information on the tobacco industry’s misconduct in your country that needs exposing, including: information on front groups, misleading data and reports, evidence of corruption, and marketing to children.
• Join our mailing list to keep up to date with findings and developments. Opt in to receive information by completing our form here:

You can also follow STOP project partners on: @Bath TR, @GGTC, @TheUnion_TC and @VitalStrat

Who is behind STOP?

STOP is funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies. It is powered by a consortium of leading tobacco control groups, which includes leaders in tobacco industry monitoring, research, policy, advocacy and communication.

The Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath (United Kingdom) is an internationally renowned, multidisciplinary research team. It hosts the groundbreaking website, which contains hundreds of profiles of individuals and organizations with tobacco industry links. Tobacco Tactics will be at the core of STOP’s website. The site already draws 13.5 million page views per year, including engaged politicians who routinely use it to check whether those lobbying them are tobacco industry front groups. TCRG’s work has been the hidden force behind many major tobacco industry exposés including bribery and marketing, generating major international media attention.

The Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control (Thailand) is a joint initiative of the School of Global Studies at Thammasat University and the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance (SEATCA). The 180 parties to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control have designated the Global Center for Good Governance in Tobacco Control as the WHO FCTC Convention Secretariat‘s knowledge hub on Art 5.3, coordinating experts and observatories and helping governments develop strategies to counter tobacco industry interference. SEATCA has two decades of success in assisting developing nations to counter tobacco industry interference and has been instrumental in monumental policy shifts, including the exclusion of tobacco from the Transpacific Partnership Agreement.

The Union’s Department of Tobacco Control, with hubs in New York, India, China, Singapore and Mexico, has worked in 50 countries since 2007. Its tobacco-control experts across the globe work with governments and civil society to develop policies, legislation and infrastructure proven to reduce tobacco use, with a goal of advancing tobacco-control policy. The team has specialized knowledge of the legal, economic, policy development, management, and training best practices in tobacco control. Vital Strategies, a global health organization with public health programs in 70 countries around the world, will serve as a subgrantee to The Union to create and design the web platform and mobile app, build content, and provide communication strategy. Together with the American Cancer Society, Vital Strategies publishes the Tobacco Atlas (, a free resource that maps the nature and magnitude of the tobacco epidemic by country.

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