Papers on Tobacco Industry Interference

By Country 

Country Title of Paper Author Year
Argentina Tobacco industry successfully prevented tobacco control legislation in Argentina Sebrie EM, Barnoya J, Perez-Stable EJ, Glantz SA 2005
Australia “Avoid health warnings on all tobacco products just as long as we can”: A history of Australian tobacco industry efforts to avoid, delay and dilute health warnings on cigarettes Chapman S, Carter M 2003
Canada Plot against plain packaging Physicians for Smoke-Free Canada 2008
China (Hong Kong) “A phony way to show sincerity, as we all well know”: Tobacco industry lobbying against tobacco control in Hong Kong Knight J, Chapman S 2004
Costa Rica Tobacco industry success in Costa Rica: The importance of FCTC Article 5.3 Crosbie E, et al. 2012
Czech Republic Tobacco Industry Manipulation of Tobacco Excise and Tobacco Advertising Policies in the Czech Republic: An Analysis of Tobacco Industry Documents Shirane R, Smith K, Ross H, Silver KE, Williams S, et al. 2012
Egypt Voice of Truth WHO EMRO 2008
Germany Tobacco industry attempts to influence and use the German government to undermine the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Grüning T, et al. 2011
Hungary Tobacco industry efforts to erode tobacco advertising controls in Hungary Szilagyi T, Chapman S 2004
Japan Lightning up the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A case study of U.S. tobacco industry political influence buying in Japan  Levin M 2008
Kenya Tobacco industry interference in Kenya: Exposing the tactics Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPH&S) and International Institute for Legislative Affairs (ILA) 2013
Lebanon The tobacco industry’s thwarting of marketing restrictions and health warnings in Lebanon Nakkash R, Lee K. 2009
Lebanon Tobacco industry strategies in Lebanon: An analysis of internal tobacco industry documents Nakkash R 2007
Malawi Tobacco companies’ use of developing countries’ economic reliance on tobacco to lobby against global tobacco control: The case of Malawi Otañez MG, et al. 2009
Malaysia A mire of highly subjective and ineffective voluntary guidelines: Tobacco industry efforts to thwart tobacco control in Malaysia Assunta M, Chapman S 2004
Namibia Tobacco control in Namibia: The importance of government capacity, media coverage and industry interference Tam J, van Walbeek C 2014
Netherlands The devil is in the detail: Tobacco industry political influence in the Dutch implementation of the 2001 EU Tobacco Products Directive Jessamina Lih Yan Lie, et al. 2016
Nigeria Avoiding “A Massive Spin-Off Effect in West Africa and Beyond”: The tobacco industry stymies tobacco control in Nigeria Egbe CO, et al. 2017
Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands Supporting Pacific Island countries to strengthen their resistance to tobacco industry interference in tobacco control: A case study of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands McCool J, et al. 2013
Poland Tobacco industry interference with tobacco control policies in Poland: Legal aspects and industry practices Balwicki L, et al. 2016
Russia Sectors of the Russian economy that would benefit from reduced cigarette sales Merrill RM, Castleton RA 2009
South Africa Tobacco Excise Taxation in South Africa van Walbeek C 2003
South Korea What hinders implementation of the WHO FCTC Article 5.3? – The case of South Korea Lee S. 2016
Soviet Union Moving East: How the transnational tobacco industry gained entry to the emerging markets of the former Soviet Union part II: An overview of priorities and tactics used to establish a manufacturing presence Gilmore A, McKee M 2004
United Kingdom A critical evaluation of the volume, relevance and quality of evidence submitted by the tobacco industry to oppose standardized packaging of tobacco products Hatchard JL, Fooks GJ, Evans-Reeves KA, Ulucanlar S, Gilmore AB 2014
United States Tobacco industry’s T.O.T.A.L. interference Henriksen L, Mahoney M 2018
Uzbekistan British American tobacco’s erosion of health legislation in Uzbekistan Gilmore AB, Collin J, McKee M 2006
Uzbekistan Transnational tobacco company influence on tax policy during privatization of a state monopoly: British American Tobacco and Uzbekistan Gilmore A, Collin J, Townsend J 2007

By Region

Region Title of Paper Author Year
Europe The revision of the 2014 European tobacco products directive: An analysis of the tobacco industry’s attempts to ‘break the health silo’ Peeters S, Costa H, Stuckler D, McKee M, Gilmore AB 2015
Europe Tobacco industry interference in the WHO European region Olsen C 2012
Europe “Working the System”—British American Tobacco’s influence on the European Union treaty and its implications for policy: An analysis of internal tobacco industry documents Smith KE, et al. 2010
Europe Block, amend, delay: Tobacco industry efforts to influence the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive (2001/37/EC) Smith KE, Fooks G, Collin J, Weishaar H, Mandal S, Gilmore AB 2010
Europe Tobacco industry attempts to subvert European Union tobacco advertising legislation Bitton A, et al. 2002
Latin America Tobacco industry “Youth smoking prevention” programs to undermine meaningful tobacco control in Latin America Sebrie EM, Glantz SA 2007
Middle East Voices of Truth, vol. 2: Multinational Tobacco Industry Activity in the Middle East: A review of Internal Industry Documents Hammond R, White CM 2001

Other papers on tobacco industry interference: