The Tobacco Industry’s Thwarting of Marketing Restrictions and Health Warnings in Lebanon (2009)

Authors: Rima Nakkash and Karen Lee


Aims: This article outlines how the tobacco industry has undermined tobacco control efforts in Lebanon since the early 1970s.

Methods: An analysis of online and on-site tobacco industry documents, reviews of newspapers, policy and other documents, and interviews with key policy makers were conducted.

Results: Findings reveal how the weakness of tobacco control legislation in Lebanon has been the product of an effective tobacco industry strategy to weaken the content and scope of regulation, and delay adoption and implementation.

Conclusions: The tobacco industry has built and maintained strong alliances that were and are regularly mobilised to effectively oppose regulation. Despite ratification of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005, Lebanon’s tobacco control track remains weak. Public health professionals and the government should work hard to oppose such tobacco industry tactics.

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